Justice Locally, Impact Globally.

Advocates for Community & Transformative Justice ("ACT Just") is the non-profit law firm transforming the face of justice in Massachusetts. We are here to provide legal services to families and individuals who do not qualify for pro bono services and are also unable to afford traditional private practitioner fees.


Our mission is to create access to affordable legal representation. We work with those confronting legal challenges and hardships and strive to be positive agents for change in the community and the world at large.

Options for Fee Arrangements

We work at a price point that a modest means client can afford by taking into consideration the client's income and household size. We aim to provide a number of options to best suit your individual needs.
Sliding Fee Scale Agreements - Developed by taking into consideration factors including the Federal Poverty Guidelines, the client's income or household income, and the client's family size.
Limited Assistance Representation ("LAR") - When appropriate, LAR is offered to clients who may not want to retain an attorney for their entire case. LAR may be a good option when the client is not in an ideal position to pay for counsel for their entire legal matter or when an attorney’s expertise is only requested for a crucial event in the case. In these cases, the firm will represent or assist a client with part, but not all, of the legal matter. The firm and the client will enter into a detailed fee agreement defining the scope of the representation and tasks the attorney will be responsible for and what tasks the litigant will be responsible for at the conclusion of the limited assistance representation.

Areas of Practice

Family Law - Divorce Litigation, Uncontested Divorces, Property Division, Alimony/Spousal Support, Contempt Actions, Post-Judgement Modifications, Child Custody, Child Support, Parenting Times/ "Visitation", Paternity Actions. Removal/Relocation outside of the Commonwealth, Department of Revenue matters, Restraining Orders (209A).
Employment - Unemployment Benefits, Appeals before the Dept of Unemployment Assistance, Wage & Hour Claims, Employee/Independent Contractor Misclassification.
Business Consultation - Employment Contracts Review, Negotiation, and drafting (non-competes, non-disclosure agreements, offers for employment and severance agreements), Drafting Employee Handbook and Policies, Business and E-Commerce Compliance, Privacy Policies, Terms of Service, Online Marketing and Sales.
Disability Benefits - SSI/SSDI and Child Disability.

Continued Legal Education and Professional Trainings

  • Probate & Family Court Lawyer for the Day Training
  • Women's Bar Foundation Family Law Project for Battered Women
  • Massachuetts Employment Law
  • Intellectual Property
  • Fee-Shifting Statutes
  • Practicing with Professionalism
  • Fair Debt Collection

Attorney Profiles

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Jasmine Elatab, Esq.
Founder & Executive Director

Jasmine Elatab, the visionary behind ACT Just, is a graduate from Suffolk University Law School and a licensed attorney in Massachusetts. She is a dedicated public interest attorney with experience in family law, juvenile law, and employment law. Elatab has worked closely with indigent clients through her experience as a student attorney in Suffolk University's Family Advocacy Clinic. There, her commitment to justice grew into a passion, which was featured in Suffolk University Magazine's 2014 Winter edition in an article describing her tremendous impact on working with clients, "The Best Lawyers Money Can't Buy."

Elatab's own article, "The Preservation of Fundamental Liberties: Right of Children in The Context of Custody Disputes" is published In Massachusetts Family Law Journal May/June 2014 edition.

In addition to Act Just, Elatab is the Director of Operations for The Glow Exchange, where you will find her bringing communities together - near and far - through an empowering sustainable development movement.

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Rosanna Molinaro, Esq.
Founder & Director of Operations

Using her prior start-up experience and commitment to making legal services more accessible for all, Rosanna Molinaro started ACT Just so that she could make a difference in how legal services are delivered. Rosanna, a licensed attorney in Massachusetts, graduated from Suffolk University Law School in Boston, and holds a BS in Diplomacy and International Relations from Seton Hall University.

Rosanna brings to ACT Just her extensive background in employment law advocating for indigent and low-income clients, with a focus on unemployment insurance law, as well as wage and hour law. In addition, Rosanna specializes in areas of business development and legal counsel for start-up companies.

Prior to ACT Just, she acted as in-house counsel for a Boston based start-up company and worked at Greater Boston Legal Services, where in addition to serving indigent clients, she contributed to the 2013-2014 Unemployment Insurance Advocacy Guide for pro se claimants and legal advocates in Massachusetts.

Besides being a lawyer, Rosanna is also a diehard fan of her hometown New York Jets, as well as an aspiring amateur chef.