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YES Advisors

Sir David Bell
Former chairman, Financial Times

Margaret Catley-Carlson
Chair, Global Water Partnership

Jennifer Corriero 
Co-Founder, TakingITGlobal, Canada

Jose-Maria Figueres
President of Costa Rica (1994-98), Switzerland

Samuel Gonzalez
Executive President, Fundacion E, Mexico

Hanns Michael Holz 
Global Head Public Relations, Deutsche Bank AG

Maritta Kock-Weser
CEO, The Global Exchange for Social Invesment

Carlos Magarinos
Director General, UNIDO (1997-2005)

Adele S. Simmons
Vice Chairman, Chicago Metropolis 2020
Hanne M. Strong
President, Earth Restoration Corp
Muhammad Yunus 
Managing Director, Grameen Bank
Jeffrey D. Sachs
Director, The Earth Institute

Thoraya Obaid
Executive Director, UNFPA, USA/Saudi Arabia