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The core of YES, is the more than 400 projects that have been developed and implemented by young people, most living in poor developing nations, under the YES umbrella.  Some examples:

Mexico Business incubators for rural and urban settings: Pioneered by YES Mexico/Foundation E, this approach uses existing local institutions to establish new kinds of business incubators designed to support rural and urban entrepreneurs with training, access to finance and innovative Business Development Services.

Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC):  We are establishing a microcredit and loan program to provide start-up capital for a wide range of green entrepreneurial enterprises and to provide mentoring and tutoring services for youth (between 14 and 35) from poor and homeless families.

Uganda:  We have trained out-of-school youth in business and management skills.  The YES team in Uganda developed a model saving and credit cooperative concept but, with no collateral, has had difficulty obtaining loans.  Plans are underway to develop entrepreneurship programs in the field of agro-forestry.

Kenya:  In partnership with UN Habitat is building a movement of Green teams across Africa working with tomorrow’s value chains and supported by Green academies offering individualized business development services.  This project is being led by YES Kenya and serves Kenya, Uganda, Senegal and Rwanda.

India:  A YES-Drishtee initiative provides job training and placement support in entry level jobs in the private sector to 7,000 youth.  Additional community based skill development centers are being set up and will target some 500,000 youth.

Among Other Major Achievements of YES

Global Summits: Held 5 international summits in Egypt, Mexico, Kenya, Azerbaijan, Sweden and regional summits in India, Paraguay, the Dominican Republic, Panama, and Brazil.  More than 20,000 stakeholders attended the summits, including cabinet ministers and heads of state.

Projects: Supported 55 YES Networks with the implementation of more than 400 youth employment projects impacting some one million young people, according to an independent study by the New Sector Alliance.

Knowledge Resource: Compiled more than 1,000 on-line resource documents on best practices and tools for youth employment.

Publications: Commissioned 150 original publications on youth employment.

Funding: Over $84 million USD, have been raised by YES Networks since 2007, out of this total $76 million have been raised by YES Mexico.  YES has linked our Networks with funding support from government agencies and foundations that have resulted in projects in such areas as renewable energy, technical training for rural youth, and social entrepreneurship.

Reach: Over 1 million youth by 2006, independent study conducted by New Sector Alliance of Boston.