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Enterprise Studio™

With so much conflict in the world, YES is generating the Enterprise Studio™ as refuge for young people to paint the canvas of their dreams. The Enterprise Studio™ is an innovative architecture that allows for a co-creation of projects among multi-stakeholder groups that embraces the traditional YES low-touch high-impact methodology. With each host country YES embarks on a visioning and  planning process designed to create programs that awaken youth and other partners to the power of entrepreneurship and job creation.

The goal of the Enterprise Studio ™ is to inspire young people to find and share their passions, build upon their ‘Big Idea’, locate tools, and sign up with mentors to create a life of promise. Artists create beauty by painting on blank canvases, and we want to offer this opportunity to youth around the world.

The Enterprise Studio program is currently being piloted in Senegal. YES is working with a diverse group of stakeholders including the government, local NGOs, and foundations to develop integrated pilots for promoting youth employment and entrepreneurship. YES is working in partnership with Synapse, YES Senegal host agency to achieve the following:

  • Set up a YouthTrade Innovation Studio that will launch YouthTrade Senegal
  • Develop a Large Scale Enterprise Generation Project through a multi-stakeholder partnership approach
  • Pilot a Micro-Franchising Model with local businesses to fuel job creation
  • Host Innovation Conversations Workshops with important stakeholders that focus on topics such as providing urban amenities for rural areas, building an IT infrastructure in Senegal, ramping up mathematic learning, and super accelerated learning theory (SALT).
  • Implement Projects and Support Actions based on the results of Innovation Conversation Workshops

An Enterprise Studio is also being piloted in Mali in partnership with the Ministry of Youth and Sports. The first two projects of the Mali Generator are to:

  1. Organize the first YES Mali Summit in Feb. 2012 that will include a full day of programming focused on engaging youth leaders as entrepreneurial nation builders. The Summit is being organized to identify and recruit fifty youth leaders to be the Generator’s first students. 
  2. Deliver a one year Institute on Social Entrepreneurship to 50 Mali youth leaders starting in February 2011. The Institute will include a twelve-month project internship and training curriculum that uses a “vision, commitment, action/transformation” model to build the capacity of trainees. The training will include a three week intensive based on classroom learning and group activities. Following the three week intensive participants will complete nine month, in-country internships.